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Why I Want Your Kids to Misbehave
During Our Family Photo Session

Yes you heard that right,
I WANT your kids to misbehave!

Okay okay, hear me out
I know this sounds a little crazy,
but it is completely true!

I want
(and even encourage)
your children to misbehave
during our photo session.

I know one of the
biggest things parents stress
about their photo session
(right next to what to wear),
is if their children will
behave during photo sessions.

Have you ever had these
thoughts before a session:

-Are my kids going to cooperate?
-What if they are not on their best behavior?
– Is this going to be a waste of money?


Believe me I GET IT. 

So why would I want your
children to purposefully misbehave?

It is because when your kids
have the freedom to be themselves

that is when the magic happens.

Letting your kids let go
and be themselves
is how I am able to document
your children’s genuine smiles,
true emotion, + when their
individual personalities
get to shine through.

When your kids have grown,
and your family looks back
on these photos in the years to come,
I want you to remember your
children’s authentic personalities,
and not those staged fake
versions for the camera

Let Your Kids Be Kids.

Now, am I saying that your kids
should be completely off the rails?

No, I wouldn’t go that far- but
what I do want is the opportunity for your

kids to have the space
and freedom to be themselves.

Kids can be sensitive at times,
so we want to avoid the possibility
of them shutting down
and crying for getting
yelled at for not cooperating.

Instead let them use their energy
to get wild and silly!

Just Let Go.

I am sure you know all too well,
the more you tell your child to do something,
the more they will want to do the opposite.

What I can say from experience
is the more you can relax, laugh,
and make a game of it all,
the less your children will resist and
we can get some great
playful images of your family.

Embrace The Chaos.

I want you to also
let go and be yourselves;
I want you to smile,
relax, and laugh
at your kids’ antics. 

The more you let go
and roll with whatever unfolds,
the better your
family session will be

Believe me,
I know it can definitely feel scary,
to let go but trust the process
and the results will be worth it!

But What If:

-My daughter doesn’t want
to wear the boots I picked out?
Just let it go.

-My children don’t want to act
like the lovable siblings they usually are?
Just laugh it off.

-My toddler doesn’t want
anything to do with photos?
Let’s chase them and make them laugh! 

Overall Tips:

-Just let go + have fun
-Let your kids be kids
-Embrace the chaos

I’m Your Family Photographer

If you’re looking for someone
who will go with the flow
and roll with the punches…
(sometimes literally)

However, if you are looking for the
super posed and cheesy fake smiles,
I may not be the photographer for you.

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