Planning too much on photo day

I know that life does not stop for photos,
but scheduling several activities on
the day of your photo session
can be a recipe for meltdowns.

Children who have been overstimulated
that have done a lot before session time
are tired, both mentally & physically.

You know all too well-
tired kids
are not
happy kids.

It’s best to keep your day as uneventful
and low-key as possible prior
to your scheduled family photos.

Skipping meals + naps

Depending on the time of year,
your family photo session may
be around nap time,
or during typical dinner time.

If session time conflicts
with your younger's usual nap time,
the week of your session,
you can try pushing up nap time earlier.

Plan to feed
favorite snacks or meals right
before your session to make sure
everyone has nice and full bellies.

For the younger children,
I recommend bringing
non- messy snacks
to have on stand by
goldfish, cheerios, crackers, puffs..etc
& don't forget some water
(no juice or anything that stains)!

Not dressing for comfort + weather

Uncomfortable clothes= cranky toddlers.

Not only should your children’s outfits
be comfortable on them,
they should also be well-fitted.

Articles of clothing that are too tight,
or shoes that are too big and slide off,
are likely to cause frustration-

which can quickly turn into a
full blown melt down.

Don’t forget to consider the temperature
at the time of your session,
and dress appropriately for the season.

It also does not hurt to have a
back up outfit picked out,
in case of unexpected
weather or an accident.

Feeling rushed

Rushing causes stress, &
stressed parents can make
kids feel on edge.

Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes
before your session starts.

This will give you plenty of time
to find parking, get settled, and
acclimate to a new environment.

This is so much less stressful
for everyone jumping out of the car
and immediately beginning a session.

Expecting Perfection

This will be one of the
hardest mistakes to avoid.

You are investing a lot in this session–
time, effort, and money.

You want it to be perfect,
I totally get it;
I’ve had professional
photo sessions too.

The problem is,
perfect isn’t realistic
or real life...
and that is okay.

The more you relax and have fun,
the more it will show in your images.

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