How to Prepare For Your Lifestyle Newborn Session | South Jersey Newborn Photographer


How To Prepare
Your Home +
Your Family
For Your
Newborn Session

Having a baby is a whirlwind of
exhaustion, emotion, and joy.

So I thought I’d share some
tips to prepare
your family + your home
for your newborn session.

Open Blinds + Curtains

Light is every photographer’s friend,

and the more natural light the better.

I can help with finding the best place in your home
for photos based on available light once I arrive.

My favorite places are often the nursery,
master bedroom, and living room.

Keep an eye out for what time your
rooms tend to get the best light,
typically it’s the
late morning – early afternoon.

Preparing The Space

Turn the heat up prior to session,
warmer temperatures help baby
relax and keep them sleepy.

To open up the space even more,
clearing any excess clutter
will give more shooting options.

I know the newborn season is
a messy and chaotic time,
so definitely do not stress about
getting a perfectly tidy space.

What Colors To Wear

Stick to a color palette
that is simple and timeless;
it is best to avoid busy patterns + dark colors
that would take away from the baby.

Keep in mind the color scheme of your home,
it works well when your clothing +
room colors complement each other.
Colors that work the best are
are neutrals, pastels,
and muted colors.

Check out our
Pinterest Board

for some inspiration.

Dress In Something
That You Feel Confident In

You want to feel your best,
and usually feeling your best after baby
means dressing comfortably.

Usually my clients are in bare feet
with clothing that falls between
weekend-wear and dressy-casual.
Once your outfit is decided on,
you can coordinate the rest of
the family’s based on yours.

Also does not hurt to
have backup outfits picked out
and ready to go in case of any accidents.

Dress Baby In
Something Timeless

I believe in letting the focus fall
on your baby and the connection
that you have with each other.

Again it is best to stick to a
classic color palette and
simple patterns.

While there will be no props 
used during our session,
I will be bringing a
few swaddled wraps,
and headbands if needed.

Feed Baby Right Before
Photographer Arrives

I like to photograph your baby just how they are –
awake, asleep, and anything in between;
but, a fussy baby can be tough to photograph.

Making sure that your baby has a nice full tummy
will not only make you less stressed,
but the session go smoothly.

Depending on baby’s temperament,
be prepared to do smaller feedings
throughout the session.

Preparing The Siblings

Avoid scheduling
your newborn session around
your children’s typically
scheduled nap
or snack times.

Before your session,
prepare them
and let them know how
this is
and what to expect.

Kids tend to do a lot better
and feel at ease when they
have a clear cut idea of
what is expected from them.

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