Tips for Making the Most of Your Family Session


Talk about how much fun you guys are going to have
vs how important it is that everyone is smiling.

Taking the emphasis off “you better behave”
to we’re going to have so much fun!”
can make a huge difference.

Start the conversation in advance,
telling your children they get to
run around and explore a new
place to show off their big smiles.

Being in front of the camera
can be intimidating enough,
especially for little ones
without having the added pressure
of needing to be on their best behavior.


Please plan on arriving 10-15 minutes early
to your session to account for any unexpected traffic,
give everyone plenty of time to get settled in,
walk to the meeting area, and deal
with any last minute issues that may arise.

Being punctual is especially important
if you booked a mini session.

Mini sessions are marathon sessions
scheduled back-to-back and any
amount of time that you are late will
directly impact the length
of your already shortened session.

A good idea is to familiarize yourself
with the location in your GPS to know the
general travel time the day before your session.


No one is at their best
when they are hangry.

Sometimes a little break & a snack,
can help bring out some smiles.

Avoid any messy snacks and juice boxes-
goldfish, cheerios, crackers, puffs, fruit snacks
are great, & don’t forget some water!


Some of the best photos come
from those spontaneous giggles
and kids running wild & free.

It doesn’t feel natural for kids, and even parents
to sit like a statue for long periods of time
for a stranger to take their photo.

The most natural smiles always come
from those unplanned moments
where someone tells a silly joke,
or unprompted tickle fights.


There’s a reason you’re going through
all this effort to clear your schedules and
get everyone all dressed up.

This current season
of your your life
will not last forever.

Your little baby will start walking,
your five year old’s front teeth will grow back,
& your spouse will start looking a little more grey.

These are the memories of
those fleeting moments
in your life that you want to cherish
long after they are gone.

Print them for your wall,
send them to Grandma,
and put them in a scrapbook for
your kids’ kids to look back at one day.