5 tips for bringing your dog to your session

1. Let your photographer know

If you’re planning to bring your dog to our session,
just let me know so we can plan accordingly.

We will pick a dog-friendly location
and depending on your dog’s personality-
maybe one with less distractions.

If your dog is distracted by other dogs,
avoiding popular public places would be best,
& if your dog tends barks at cars,
we should probably avoid
a busy city/downtown environment.

2. Bring a human friend

Anytime you bring your dog(s)
to a photo session,
always bring along a friend or
family member to help out.

Expect to only include your dog in
the first 10-15 minutes
of your photo session.

After your dog has made
its modeling debut,
we will pass them off
to your helper
to keep them occupied for
the rest of your session.


3. Bring toys and treats

Bringing a toy that makes noise or
that they particularly love
will help get their attention
for them to look at the camera.

Reward your dog
for great behavior,
having a few treats on hand
tends to keep them engaged.

p.s. don’t forget water and doggy bags.

4. Consider your leash
& outfit colors

Chose a more neutral color, such as:
tan, cream, grey, or black
for your dogs leash and collar,
it will blend in best for photos.

Avoid bright color leashes and collars,
that will clash with wardrobe color palette.

Also, keep in mind the color of
your dog’s fur when choosing your outfits-
to not only avoid blending in,
but to avoid dog hair showing in photos.

For example:
if you have a black dog,
avoid black pants because you will
blend right in with your dog

If you have a white dog,
be conscious of colors and fabrics
that are a magnet for dog hair

Don’t worry I always bring
a lint roller if needed!

5. Be realistic
& have fun

Dogs don’t always do what you’re hoping for,
but their quirkiness is part of their charm.

Dogs can be similar to toddlers in many ways: 
and may not always look at the camera-
so be prepared to get some candid
natural interactions with your pups.

Sometimes taking photos with dogs can be a bit challenge,
but it doesn’t have to be!

I hope you found these tips helpful to prepare
for bringing your dog to your next photo session.