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Tips For Getting
Your Children to Cooperate
During Your Family Session

Sometimes there is no avoiding
kids being…well kids,
but following these tips will help
prepare your children for a
successful photo session.

Well Rested + Fed.

No one likes to be
tired and hangry.

Having your children feel
rested with full bellies
is a great first step to
a successful session.

Comfortable + Fitted Clothing.

Uncomfortable clothes= cranky toddlers.

Not only should your children’s outfits
be comfortable on them,
they should also be well-fitted.

Articles of clothing that are too tight,
or shoes that are too big and slide off,
are likely to cause frustration

which can quickly turn into a
full blown melt down.

Don’t forget to consider the temperature
at the time of your session,
and dress appropriately for the season.

It also does not hurt to have a
back up outfit picked out,
in case of unexpected
weather or an accident.

Refer To Me As A Friend.

Avoiding Stranger Danger.

In the weeks leading up to
our session together,
talk to your children about me
as more of a friend,
and not just a random photographer.

This helps children feel more comfortable
interacting with me on our session day
because they see me as a friend
and not a stranger.


Set Clear Expectations.

Kids tend to do a lot better
and feel at ease when they
have a clear cut idea of
what is expected from them.

Before your session, prepare them
and let them know what to expect.

These days, with quick cell phone photos,
kids often think that after just one picture
they are done and good to go.

Let them know ahead of time
not only will it be lots of fun, but
there will be lots of photos:

ex: photos as a family,
photos just with Mommy,
photos with your siblings
photos of just you…etc

Arrive Early.

Believe me, I know life is busy
and schedules get chaotic,
but if you have the time-

showing up a little early
allows your child to relax and
to get a sense of the space.

This is especially great to do
if your child tends
to be on the shy side
and needs extra time to warm up.

Let Them Be Themselves.

You do not have to
make them practice
sitting perfectly straight,
saying “cheese“, or
showing me their “nice smile“.

Letting your kids
be themselves

is how I am able to document
your children’s genuine smiles,
true emotion, + let their
individual personalities
shine throug

I actually wrote another blog post on
why I want your kids to misbehave
(yes you read that right)

Check it out here,
it’s a good one!

Don’t Force It.

A little freedom can go a long way.

We know all too well that
when kids are not having it,
forcing them to participate,
never goes well.

Giving them choices along the way,
makes them feel like
they are a part of the session

rather than forced to be there.

For example:

”For this photo,
would you rather
stand by that tree
or sit on that blanket?”

Take A Break.

kids just need a break
and that is totally ok!

Breaks are a great time to
whip out any packed snacks and drinks
(the less sticky the better)

to give them time to recharge.

Relax + Have Fun.

This one is for the parents,
(Mom’s I am looking at you)

If you are starting to get worried
that the “right” photos
are not being taken,
take a step back and relax.

I know, I know
it is easier said than done-

but your kids 
feed off your energy.

When you are calm,
your kids are more likely to be calm,
and when you get stressed,
they are more likely to get stressed.

Creating a calm and
stress-free atmosphere

allows them to relax
and lets those candid moments unfold.

Hopefully these tips will be helpful
in preparing your little ones

for your next family photo session!

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