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When Should I Take
My Maternity Photos?

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First off, congratulations,
what an exciting time in your life!

Being a maternity photographer,
clients are always asking:
“When is the best time to
take my maternity photos?”

Since every pregnancy is different,
the answer is going to vary, but
here are some loose guidelines
to help decide when the
best time frame is for you.

Ultimately, listening to your body
and how it is changing is key
to planning your maternity photos.

What Trimester Is Best To
Book My Maternity Session?

For most mamas the best
time to schedule your
maternity photo session
is in the third trimester,
between 27- 34 weeks in the
7th + 8th month of pregnancy.

The ideal time is when you have
that nice defined round belly shape,
but before you get too uncomfortable.

Commonly when you’re
a first time mom,
you won’t show as quickly,
so you can book your session
towards the end of that window
(around 30-34 weeks).

If you’ve been pregnant before,
you tend to show a little quicker,
so you can aim to book your
session in the earlier timeframe.
( around 27-30 weeks).

Again every woman’s body is different
and listing to your own is key,

as no two pregnancies are a like.

Is 35 Weeks Too Late

For Maternity Pictures?

If you forgot to schedule your session
and you’re wondering if it’s too late,
don’t worry- it’s not.

It’s always better to get them
done a little later,
then to not get them done at all.

However, if you are finding it
hard to get around,
ask your photographer
for a location that
is not as strenuous or do a
lifestyle at home session.

When Should I Schedule if

I’m Expecting Multiples?

If you’re expecting twins or multiples,
you will be showing earlier than usual.

You will also most likely be delivering
earlier than most pregnancies.

Generally you will want to
schedule your maternity session
around 24-28 weeks
if you’re expecting multiples.

What If I Have A High Risk Pregnancy?

To avoid overexerting your body
late in your pregnancy,
you ma
y want to consider
having your maternity session
earlier than the recommended

 It is a good idea to
monitor how you feel
in the weeks leading
up to your photo session.

If you anything changes,
feel free to contact
your photographer to see
if you can push up the date.

How Early Should I Book

My Maternity Photographer?

Depending on what time of year it is,
photographers can book up pretty fast,
especially in the fall.

I suggest scheduling
your maternity photos
after your 12 or 16 week appointment
to ensure you get a session with
your favorite photographer.

Overall Tips For Scheduling Your Maternity Session

-Book photographer after 12-16 week appt.

-Schedule between 27- 34 weeks

-If high risk, schedule around 24-28 weeks

-Pay close attention to your body

-Don’t wait too long to book

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