Mommy + Me | Cherry Blossoms | Voorhees Family Photographer


When the Cherry Blossoms finally bloom after a long cold winter, you know Spring has officially arrived!  These are one of my favorite places to have sessions in the Philadelphia area in the spring; the green grass + the abundance of freshly bloomed trees makes for the best backdrop.

Although I wish these beautiful trees staying in bloom all year-round, something about that short 7-10 day window makes you appreciate their beauty that much more.

Nicole’s pink flowy dress complimented the surrounding light pink hue of the trees, and J.J.’s blue shirt could not have been a better choice to really bring out his baby blue eyes. The bond this mother and son had was like no other; and looking at the photos below, you can really feel that strong bond they have…it just melts my heart.

After roaming thru all the flowers, we ended the session with some solo shots of little J.J., his non-stop laughter brought out his adorable rosey cheeks from all the giggles.

^Just look at those rosey cheeks + baby blues!