Amelia’s Day on the Farm | Cecil Creek Farms| Mickleton, NJ Children’s Portrait Photographer


Amelia was no stranger to exploring the inns and outs of Cecil Creek Farms in Mickleton, NJ where she visits often with her family.  Right away, Amelia (who is only 4!) spotted the dinosaur kale within all the crops; how impressive considering most people my age do not even know what kale looks like, let alone dinosaur kale. On the other hand, Amelia marched right up took a handful and said, “yeah Mom, it’s dinosaur kale!” From the crop fields, horse stables, chicken coop, and greenhouse, Amelia sure knew her way around.

If you are in the area (even if you are not, it is worth the trip!), we highly recommend checking out Cecil Creek Farms, a family owned 42 acre farm with a passion for healthy organically grown foods and vegetables. At the front of the farm sits a beautiful Farmer’s Market that embraces the essence of the farm to table movement, selling Local Seasonal Produce, Organic and Grass-Fed Meats, Local Honey, Organic Milk, DiBruno’s Cheeses, Jams, Grains, Coffee, Sauces, Oils, Pastas, as well as a variety of other items that embrace the farm to table lifestyle.

Additionally, the market frequently hosts seasonal Farm Fridays, featuring wine tasting, live music, fit pit, and delicious food options.

After the market closes, Cecil Creek Farms hosts Farm to Fork, a community setting where you and only 13 other guests experience 8 courses of fine seasonal, sustainable, and local cuisine. Be sure to check out their website and facebook page for the latest event updates.

Don’t wait visit today:

73 Democrat Rd, Mickleton, NJ 08056

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