Lifestyle shoots are such a great way to capture families in their own element, documenting how your life is at that specific time. For the Kerr Family, that time was closing the chapter of living + traveling in their beloved airstream for the past 4 years. The airstream, that they renovated themselves (which looks AMAZING by the way) was packed full of laughter, memories, + simple minimalist decor.

After many cross country road trips, they have decided to sell the airstream to downsize to an all-in-one RV versus having a truck with a trailer attached…which will allow for a much easier drive while off-roading to explore all those dirt country back roads.

When I first arrived to the site where the airstream was parked, I was greeted by the sweetest + well mannered kids, Oliver + Maribelle who could not have been more excited for photos…cue them immediately jumping on the bed + bouncing off the walls (literally).

After the kids tired themselves out jumping, Mom + Dad read their favorite book to them, where they noticed a silly illustration for the first time making them all start laughing (which makes for the best candid photos!). Once storytime was over, Oliver + Maribelle showed me their impressive rock and bug collection from all their travels with their cool magnifying glass.

We ended the session with some family photos that quickly turned into a tickle fight on the steps of the airstream that would be sold the very next day.

^check out Oliver’s photo featured on the Looks Like Film blog,

The 65 Most Unique Child Portraits Ever”

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